Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Great find at Target and random pics too

Remember how I said I wanted this a lil' while back from Target? Well, I have no idea why but I thought it was the comforter...but really it's decorative tapestry. And since it's part of the "College 2009" stuff it got marked down. Not a ton (it really wasn't that pricey to begin with, imo). And somehow I just kept seeing the comforter...thinking all along it was the design above & below. I would've liked the comforter {deep purple on one side and black on the other} but I my Robot Hello Kitty one is still holding up. AND this lovely tapestry can go over ANY comforter...or even a couch. Wooo hooo! So that's even better.

I'm not going to be using it right away though. The weather has been so on/off here in Michigan that Mike and I go from using a comforter to sheets to light blankets so often that yes, call me lazy, I gave up on making the bed every day. That is until this beauty goes on. Which could be soon if it gets to FALL already! I just love this tapestry...all my fave colors: black, purple, and white. And the chandelier is the sweetest touch of all. I HEART it so. ;)

Regular price was 19.99. On clearance it was 13.98. Six dollars off is pretty good. Oh and I forgot to say why I just HAD to have it that day no matter what-it was the last one left. I mean you gotta understand that I just HAD to. ;)
And some random pics below. I'll get to random cellphone pics when we get our new computer. Yes, I've been saying that forever that I'm even annoyed by seeing it! I just don't want to upload alllll my cell pics (which there's a good amount) and then not have enough time to show them all. He says this weekend we'll see. If he says another week, then I'll consider putting up my random pics, as I know some of you really enjoy them.
Ok, enjoy the two pics below.

Oh and yup, there it is, by my dresser. All the blankets, sheets, and comforter that have been on the ground because this weather is nuts! Take care~

3 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance. said...

If it was the last one, of course you had to get it! great random pics as always!

cindy said...

very cool deal! i love all that target college stuff even though i'm not in college anymore. they have nice sheet collections too and all the stuff comes in such fun colors! :)

Sullivan McPig said...

Nice deal and love that last pic!!!!!