Thursday, September 24, 2009

Female Baggage Counterpart

Hi friends. How are you? I'm ok. Well, between tomorrow and the end of the month I should find out if my art piece, Female Baggage, made it into the DAMNED II art show. I'm crossing my fingers. Please cross yours for me too!

But in the meantime, I'm facing a dilemma. Ugh. I made that piece with the intention of having another piece accompany it. But after I made Female Baggage I thought "Hm, maybe it'll be fine on its own...and I'll just try getting this piece in rather than both pieces." (Also thinking it would definitely be the more thought-provoking one of the two pieces.) But if I save the piece I have (though it's not made yet) and try to get it in next year, I'm thinking the people who are judging my submissions will be like "OH, it's the girl with the cutouts again!"

What I mean by that is the piece to accompany Female Baggage is the MALE version. Yes, the male symbol that you see on restrooms,etc... But I was stuck in a rut thinking about how to make that one. (And still am.) The female one was fairly easy (as I'm a female of course)...and I could only think of a few things to put on the MALE cutout/version. Let me try to remember what I got for that one....a knife (imitation of a swiss army one), toy cars, a wrestler action figure....and um...yeah, I didn't get very far because I just couldn't think of "male things."

So if you have any ideas let me know because I might try to get going on it. I mean what do you ALL it worth a try? Even if I fail miserably??? Because I may not be happy with it BUT I'm thinking I should just give it a go. And the deadline is Saturday, so I'll have to get on it ASAP. But I work good under pressure so maybe it'll work out. Hmm....what's a girl to do?!? >~<

FYI: I never put up the finished piece of Female Baggage on Blogger. Man, I thought I did. I think I only put up part of the process because I put the WHOLE process on Facebook (but recently deleted that process too, sorry, but I know some of you did see it). So if you need a reference of that piece, please click on the label below this post and you'll see Female Baggage in it's early early stage. Thanks & take care.~

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Sullivan McPig said...

If you got the inspiration for it: go for it
if not: maybe next year and don't worry about what people might be thinking

Cindy said...

hmm...i don't really have any good ideas, but i do wish you the best of luck! :)

The Queen of Clearance. said...

Im not sure of what is guyish? football? men shavers? beer? fishing? Grilling? thats all I got!

Irish Chick Soup said...

If I remember correctly Female Baggage was about all the pretenses that girls feel forced into by what is expected of them, right?

Well for a man, maybe you could play off the Alpha/Beta dynamic. The need that so many guys feel for their macho, he-man bullspittle.

The way I see it the mask is pretty tight both ways.

Hope I was helpful. :)

Eve Noir said...

Thank you everyone for your comments.

But after thinking today I don't think I'm going to attempt Male Baggage. I thought I could work under a short deadline, but I can't. And as I said, Female is my girl...and I think she might be fine without MAN by her side. But of course she'll be fine! :)

Yes, Irish, that's HER! Thanks about the mask but that's just something I made for's not being submitted to the show. Or the mask I'll be wearing-it's very tiny. I don't think it was meant to be worn...unless maybe by a child.

...but I might work on MALE in the future...I do still have him afterall...

Anonymous said...

crossing my fingers and toes!