Thursday, September 24, 2009

If I put the words "Giveaway Soon" how many will read this?

{OK, I stole the above from Google Images...but think it was actually from a blog. Sorry person who made this but but but IT showed up in my search. ;) And it's my kinda style...and I think it's funny & cute. So thanks. But still I'm sorry!}

Damn it. I lost a follower. It's weird I have no idea who it is/was...or if they were actually reading or what...but doesn't it irk you a bit? I mean I've been stuck at the same amount for a while. :( Kinda depressing. I even followed here...I didn't know you could do it. Aren't I terrible? And I STILL lost a follower...ahhh. Ugh. Argh. Blah. Sorry, just venting.

How do people get more followers? Oh I know, giveaways. But I kinda hate that but...I just might. Soon. I'll see. It's weird because I had a steady period of people becoming followers and then...nothing. For several months in a row. IDK, I just don't like "losing" someone...I just would like to say "What's up?" I just find it odd because I can bet this person has been following for months. Hmmm...

Oh, back to my giveaway. I thought a bit about doing one before...but now that I lost another person (cuz I lost a few recently also) I should do one. I don't like giveaways where it's like leave a comment & then if you do this this and that you can get 5 more entries. You know what I'm talking about. Or hey, if you even post about it on FB or Twitter. Ugh. Too much! I get SO confused that I don't even bother.

So I'm going to do it like I normally do BUT if you post about it on your blog at any time, that'll get you an extra vote. That's all I'm going to do. Sounds simple enough right. And YOU have to let me know you blogged about it. (Just a quick comment on my blog will do.) So everyone will have a chance to have 2 votes. ONLY. Get it? AND I am opening it up to everyone...they just have to become a follower if they already aren't.

OK, back to lay down. I had the crappiest day because I slept poorly, as did Mike. I needed a nap, and got it but know how it just makes you feel more tired sometimes? Yeah, so I'm going to watch bed. Night & thanks for reading my rant. And yes, I shall do a GIVEAWAY at some point. Stay tuned!!!~

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The Queen of Clearance. said...

sorry you lost a follower. I lost one the other day. it really does make you stop and think that maybe you did something wrong....oh well. I love giveaways. I mostly like to hold them at my blog and give stuff to other people. I dont sign up for many other peoples giveaways because I never win. And I noticed that you never sign up for mine so I figured you didnt like them very much! I try to make the mandatory comment just something simple so anyone can try to win and then the extra entries are more complicated I guess! Anywho..Im off! later!

Irish Chick Soup said...

Sorry you lost a follower. They weren't worthy. :)

I don't know how people get so many followers. I remember that being one of my first thoughts when I stopped my old blog, how many followers I'd lose. Silly really.

OH, and yes. She Wants Revenge. UHH-mazing. Even better live than on CD actually, it was truly a great set. And Justin, whew! That man can seriously dance! You can't even help yourself watching him, but to join in.

cindy said...

i wouldn't be too concerned about losing followers...sometimes, i think it might be that the person just decided to delete their account completely or whatever.

personally, i don't take any stock in followers at all hence why i don't have the followers widget on my blog. it's only my personal blog where i go to flex my writing fingers and if someone wants to follow, then that's totally cool. if they don't follow, that's cool too...

Mejis said...

I have noticed followers come and go. It still makes me wonder if maybe I wrote something to offend them or if they just got bored. But then I think, it's my blog and I'll post whatever I want. If people don't like it then they don't have to read it.
Anyway, I like the new colors!
I never do the giveaways. Even if the stuff is really cool. I don't know why. lol

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with cindy and mejis. people come and go just give it some time and maybe you will get more.maybe you should follow more people and they will be curious about you and begin to follow you,thats if you really really wwant more people.
by the way the purple is AWESOME!

Sullivan McPig said...

We'll keep on following you and you don't need to give us anything to make us do so! *HUG*

Eve Noir said...

Thanks everyone.

I shouldn't care about followers, I know but I still can't help but to feel like "What did I do?" I know they come and go and yeah, they're not worthy. LOL.

I shouldn't resort to giveaways. But I do like doing them from time to time. I just don't understand BLOGS that always have giveaways...I find that a bit odd. I found a blog once that is strictly a giveaway, curious.

And thanks Sullivan. You are so sweet!~

cindy said...

i will say this, i love giveaways! :) yes, they are a promotional tool, but most of the time they are just fun! :D