Monday, September 7, 2009

The one and only...Sludge Duck

SORRY if this post is all one paragraph!!! This is not intentional. If I can't get it to go back to paragraphs, please know it's this laptop. I truly apologize...and I figured I won't delete this whole post because of it. I don't think it's too long. Again, so sorry!
I thought Sludge Duck was a good name for him. It's fitting, right? I love the colors of blue, black, and I made him tonight. He probably won't look like this by tomorrow...he's still drying. I still hope he maintains his sludge-ness. :) I like mixing colors and just pouring out the color straight from the bottle...what fun. He's on a hard piece of 8 x 10 canvas. He's not glued but I think the paint should hold him down...and in place. (Crossing my fingers)
I probably won't get to blog tomorrow...going to a concert after work. So that's why I wanted to atleast post my newest lil' art piece above. Oh, and Wednesday will be somewhat-busy, but I'll atleast read the blogs I follow at work...can't comment there sadly (that part of it is blocked, ugh).
Sooo, how was everyone's long holiday weekend? Well, atleast mine felt long but I needed that...felt great to not drive my bf into work at 6 AM for 3 days in a row. Plus I did (believe this!) work on my art room. But only a bit...I organized all of my CD's, DVD's, step is the actual art stuff. Previously (before TJ moved in), all my CD's/etc...were in the computer room, but then we had to move stuff (TJ moved into our basement)...and then that stuff had to be moved into my art room. But it's ok in there...I just can't get paint/etc... on my precious books and movies and music. But I don't usually get too crazy in I'm sure it'll be fine.
OK, um...I have an award a couple posts below for my FABULOUS followers/fellow blog authors to have. And if you don't have a blog/want to do the FAB can always just say a few things you are currently obsessed with...on that post. I'm going to make you scroll down to it! :)
Enjoy your week friends & talk to you soon~

9 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance said...

I saw this duck on facebook! He is awesome looking! Have fun tomorrow! I am going to my concert wed!

Karen said...

Somehow the duck looks like a candy from a well reknowned chocolatery. Nice!

Sullivan McPig said...

Sludge Duck is brilliant!!!

Eve Noir said...

Thanks everyone! I think he looks very chocolate-y too! :)

Anonymous said...

sludge duck is great.have fun at your concert and don't forget pics!! i also hope you get the dunnys you want tomorrow!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sludge Duck sort of reminds me of a cake. Maybe because I'm hungry...don't know.

Eve Noir said...

Ha Mejis. I see that. Yum!!! :)

Irish Chick Soup said...

At first I thought he was a cake. He's just so creamy looking. :) I'm glad you found the time to work on your room, but it just makes me feel worse for the procrastination I've been pulling today. Thanks to you I'm going to finish my blog roll and then get to work!

Eve Noir said...

Hi Irish. I'm glad I got you to get moving on your procrastinating. ;) If it makes you feel any different, I still have a ways to go. :( But one moment at a time, right? :)

OK, enough smilie faces up there. I'm sad because Sludge Duck is not so creamy looking anymore. He would not I had to wipe off his black pond. Still I think he's swimming in the sludge. :)

Take care all~