Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One of those lazy days

Ever have one of those really really really lazy days? Where you just want to stay home and relax and lounge around? That's what I want to do today but (ugh) I gotta be at work at 4 pm. I've just been listening to Dead Man's Bones (post below) pretty non-stop since I heard the album was streaming on MySpace yesterday. I think it's probably my favorite album of 2009 at this point. I've never heard anything quite like it. And it's just haunting, rockin', and awesome. Ryan's voice is is the children's choir. Good stuff.

OK, below is some pics of a handheld battery-operated fan. Took 'em all in the dark (night time mode on my camera). Liked how they came out. Ok, going back to my laziness. Enjoy the pics and take care. (Oh and don't forget the giveaway...I'm going to probably say it 10 more times before it's over, so prepare yourself for much repeated-ness. Sorry but I got to spread the word!)


5 Curious people had this to say...:

Mejis said...

I haven't felt like staying home in a long time but alas I am forced to. I guess I don't enjoy being here because it's really not my home. Anyway...I like the fan pics. They look cool.

Sullivan McPig said...

Great pics! And wish I could have a lazy day, but still got two more work days to go.

Cindy said...

cool fan pics :)

Anonymous said...

oh my! is your hair purple?! i love it, looks great! also the first pic of the fan looks like you are trying to hypnotize me LOL

The Queen of Clearance. said...

those pics are way awesome!