Sunday, October 25, 2009

Angelspit Poster and my BIG upcoming week

Sooo, this is the Angelspit poster I received in their "First Aid Pack"...but it wasn't signed beforehand. I chatted with 'em for a bit, as did Mike, and got both Destroyx & Zoog to autograph the poster (which is also the cover for their newest album Hideous & Perfect). We FINALLY hung it up on the living room wall today. Mike already has their autograph from something previously but I wanted my VERY OWN. So they signed it to me, Eve, and if you can't see what they wrote that well...please look below. I think it's kinda funny what she wrote.

Zoog (top left) wrote "Eve Rocks!" and Destroyx wrote "Eve <- God!" Oh and also XXX Destroyx. ;)

I hope you all enjoy your upcoming week. Mine is going to be a bit busy so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to blog. Tomorrow, I am off work but have an appointment, Tue-work, Wed-hair cut & dye & work, Thu-work, then DAMNED @ 7 pm - ?, then Friday, which is Devil's Night and the Masquerade Ball at Damned from 9 pm - ? Busy busy busy! And then the next day is Halloween. Time sure flys!

  • Oh and I'm still not 100% on my outfits for DAMNED. I bought another shirt (possibly) for the 2nd night of DAMNED. And boots, for maybe the 1st day. So I gotta figure that out. I bet guys don't go through this "this or that" stuff with fair. :( But it's fine...I just gotta say THAT'S IT and be done.

  • Oh and these things are going on at the house that makes things a bit stressful. 1-Our kitchen sink is not working (again). 2-House has been thrown into chaos because of that and because of number three which is. 3-My art room is "under construction." Mike finally put together a nice TARGET bookshelf today for that room so it's getting there...just so much junk on the floor-ugh! 4-Tom (roomie) is still in the process of putting together our computer. We think he's almost done...thank goodness. 5-STRESS in general. Stress about work, the art show-we still need to buy masks, and Halloween. It's terrible, I've never waited soooo long to put up decorations. We DO have 2 small pumpkins and one big one though.

  • OK, enough babbling. So if I'm not around, you know I'm doing something on any given day. Wish me luck so I don't lose my mind! Ahhhh! J/K And please know that I'd probably rather be HERE than there most the times...exception the DAMNED show (of course) and Halloween. ;) So terrible cuz I have no idea what we're doing that day. Passing out candy was fun last year but we barely got any trick-or-treaters, kinda sucky. Alright hope you take care & adios for now.~

3 Curious people had this to say...:

Demented Wench said...

It was so nice of them to write what they did and not just sign their names on the poster. :)

Sullivan McPig said...

Very cool that they wrote a personal message on your poster!
And have a fun week and don't stress too much.

The Queen of Clearance. said...

your very lucky to have gotten that poster signed! Im soooo excited for you about the damned show! i cant wait to hear all about it! I am very sorry for not being around much lately! I am trying to get caught uP!