Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Outfits for the Damned Show

Hi there. Finally posting a bit of what I'll be wearing for nights 1 & 2 of the Damned art show. I am not wearing everything-just the basics. I also have jewelry which includes: a skeleton keys set necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, watch...maybe tights (I say that because I kinda don't like wearing 'em & my Bibi tattoo can be easily seen without 'em...yes, I wanna show it off, lol).

So above are the shoes. Shoes are a BIG part to any outfit, I think. And these shoes go with both outfits and are EXACTLY what I wanted-no heel, shiny, straps, and BLACK. So those the shoes, yo! ;)

  • Below is my outfit for Night One: VIP show & day one, very important-first impressions! (VIP show is for 2 hours, before the doors get opened to the public. It's where it's kinda a hang out with all the artists and people (the public, artists, whomever wants to hang out & see the art before doors open at 9 pm)...and those people pay the $25-$33 bucks to come into VIP for a couple hours).
  • Can you tell what my two favorite colors are from this outfit??? :) Oh and yeah, excuse the it's not even washed yet & just blah. :P

YUP, purple and black. The shirt is pretty much all lacey, the skirt is a pencil skirt (if I got that right) from Torrid...and it's AWESOME, very slimming and I just love the way it feels. And I KNOW it's a bit long (my sis kept mentioning it on FB, kinda ugh)...BUT I'm short (5'1). So it's hard to both find a skirt in my waist size as well as fitting me like the 'average girl's height.' BUT it is a tad loose so I may try pulling it up a bit or using a thin belt. I'll see how it goes.

  • Again, this outfit is not complete...I still have jewelry. (Maybe tights?...what do you all think...tights or no? Cuz I bought black ones, but I could also get sheer). And the hat below could also be worn Night One but I'm unsure because I kinda want to save the hat for the Masquerade Ball. Kinda just wanted to look nice & presentable the 1st night, if that makes ay sense. OK, enough about this outfit.

  • Below is my outfit for Night 2: The Masquerade Ball. First know, that the skirt is so awesome to me & I'll be wearing it BOTH nights (I mean I really don't care if someone thinks OH, she's wearing the same skirt! And who the hell is going to care or notice anyways, it's weird!)
  • Well, I'm not wearing the 'required mask' (still have to get one) but I am wearing the 'required' formal clothes. The purse is for both nights also. Oh and Queen that is the Saks Fifth Avenue purse I got for $1.49 at the Salvation Army, pretty awesome, huh? Cheapest part of my outfit for sure! Such an awesome score. ;)

So, hm, I do have a belt that is awesome...from Torrid also. This is what I got from Torrid: skirt, belt, and all my jewelry minus the watch. But sadly, the belt is not looking right with either outfits. And this belt is SWEEEET! But I'm gonna hold on to it cuz you never know. And yeah, the skirt is slimming but it don't slim everything unfortunately! ;) So I bought a shirt that goes underneath (updating this 3 hours after I 1st post it) that will hopefully slim my boobs (ah!) and my tummy a bit. I hope it works!

  • OK, the hat is pictured below. It is probably the icing on the cake because I never expected to find something so cool & my style! Cuz I love the little hats (they're like gothic lolita hats & I LOVE the style-gothloli-in general, as soon of you know)...and I just love the little touch of the skull & crossbones charm on it too!

So can you guess where it's from? I really did not EVER expect to find something THIS cool at THIS particular store. They have some cool stuff, but definitely not stuff this sweet & gothic. Guesses? Guesses? Guesses?

Hint: Is a tiny store at most malls...and no, it's not Hot Topic. Curious?!?

  • OK, let me know what you think about my outfits, if you'd like. :) And I must thank Mike for taking the pics & for letting me do a little fashion show for him, awww. Isn't he nice? Haha. What a good sport as I know guys really could care less about girls outfits & such. And honestly I'm not a big fan of it but for this particular event, of course an outfit is important! :)
  • Alright, pleae take care & hope you all enjoy your Saturday. I'm actually dropping off my art pieces at the gallery in a couple hours. Ooooo, so's really getting me so anxious & excited. Woweeeee...only 5 days now!!! TTYL. ^_^

8 Curious people had this to say...:

tracy said...

Oooooo, lala! i especially love the purple lacey top(i enlarged it to see the detail...nice! i'll take it in black!). You are really going to wow them! i agree, show off that tat! And the hat is just sooo marvalous....took me a sec to notice the extra treat!
Well, my out fits are all ready too...and i have no where to go...maybe some day...(See, when we had a bit of money, i got a few Romantic Goth items..! That would never happen nowadays!)

The hat? Maybe ay one of those Halloween stores that are only in business at this time of year?

Yay, Eve, the Lady of the Damned! (i almost said Lady of the Night...ha, ha...that didn't sound very nice!!!!!!!).

The hat....ummmmm....a Halloween store only in business at this time of year??

Sullivan McPig said...

Love the outfits! Looking good. and the little hat is gorgeous too!

All Hallows Eve said...

Thanks Tracy & Sullivan. Lady of the night isn't that bad of a saying, lol. :) Nope, not from a Halloween place. ;)

Tracy: Glad you enlarged it because in these pics you really can't tell that it IS all lacey...and yes, black would be a nice one too!


Demented Wench said...

Pretty Damned Outfits. ;)

I love that purse!

And you only paid $1.49 for it so you did score.

The skirt is gorgeous too. I bet no one will even notice that you're wearing it both nights.

I love the shoes, definitely a good choice. No heel and rounded toes are good if you're going to be walking and standing.

Maybe I'm a goofball but I think the sheer tights instead of the black ones.

Cindy said...

i am also 5'1' and i can NEVER find anything to fit me properly...even if it's petite! skirts are always a big issue with me since they never fit right, but your outfits look great! :D

All Hallows Eve said...

@ Wench: Thanks so much. I like the idea of sheer tights...but at the moment I'm still undecided. I may do an 'outfit update' because I did get another shirt for the Masquerade Ball and boots for the first night. I'll have to show off the boots to see if they're keepers! ;)

@ Cindy: Thanks! Yes, it's so hard. And now that I found (almost) the perfect skirt I want to wear it whenever I can!


The Queen of Clearance. said...

the hat is from claires :) I love the outfits. I esp love the shoes. I want a pair! They are just too cute!

All Hallows Eve said...

@ Queen: Yup, Claires it is! And if you want a pair just go to Payless. Yes, of all places, go figure! LOL