Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eve's Halloween Guessing Game Giveaway: Part 1

Would LOVE for a room in my house to look like that!

What is in this Hello Kitty candy basket?

Its....lots of good stuff!

OK, the picture above is your FIRST POST to guess on.
But first, some EVE talk and the directions.

Hi friends. I told you a lil' bit about my Halloween Guessing Game Giveaway before, and NOW I'm ready for the games to begin. Wooohoo!!! Sooo...this is the basic idea...

  • I will show you one (or more) items and you guess the total price (including sales tax, and in MI it's 6% per dollar). Whomever guesses the closest to the total price, WINS. Now on to what the spooky person will win and the rest of the rules.

(Please read carefully)

  • Well, first know that some of the things I will post will be a bit more pricey and some will be farily inexpensive (candy, lil' things). So in many cases if you guessed correctly on the post (for example this first post)...and go on to WIN the WHOLE GIVEAWAY (those rules below), then you will win every duplicate item that I have in the post.

In this very first post-you will win one of every duplicate item (besides the cards). BUT in some cases, like with some of my upcoming items for you to guess...that include clothing or items similar to that price range, more than likely those will not be part of the entire prizepack. I will let you know that THAT item(s) will not be part of the prize. I would like you to know everthing you could possibly be winning.

  • So if you could understand that a bit in the paragraph above, the WINNER of my Halloween giveaway is the person who gets the most posts right. For example: if Cindy {twas the brillig} guesses 4 of the (let's say) 6 posts right, then she will be the winner of the whole giveaway. Now if there's a tie, I will do some type of tie breaker. AND I couldn't tell you how many posts I am going to do. I do have a good amount of items for you guys to guess prices on right now. So we'll see how it goes.

  • THE FINE PRINT: This GIVEAWAY is open to all of my followers...and all the people who choose to become followers during the course of this giveaway as well. Of course guessing from the start gives YOU a much better advantage but if you miss a post, YOU CAN STILL PLAY ALONG. And that's pretty much how it's going to work. All I pretty much ask for in return is for you to take pics and send 'em to me if you are the winner of the entire giveaway. Cool?!? OK...

  • So...If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to ask on this post, or to email me at ghostgirl6@gmail.com. You will have from now (posting approx. at 9:00 am-eastern time zone) until tomorrow to guess on this post. Then, I will reveal who won the post for Part One of the giveaway. And maybe (this will never be known), I'll do another giveaway post. So that means you need to check my blog more often because I honestly don't know when the next giveaway post will be up.

I want to be able to give this prizepack to the winner before Halloween arrives. BUT this could possibly change, as I have to get my DAMNED II art pieces labeled, wrapped, and bring them down to the gallery in the next couple of weeks. (Not to mention try to get a crew of cool peeps to come & see the show and pick out my two outfits for both nights...well, I got to look professional, yet mysterious and all, haha.) So we'll see how it goes. And HALLOWEEN stuff is awesome year round, right!??!

  • So, once again, basically there is only ONE WINNER for guessing the most amount of posts correctly. Winner of each post=person not going over on the total price of what I paid for the item(s).

OK, so I think that's all. Soo...Happy guessing to you all!

And always go with your gut instinct. I hear that's the best way to go and I believe in that very much also.

{Oh and this giveaway is part Halloween celebration...and also part 500th post celebration. Can you believe it? I sure can't! I will let you know when I hit the big 500...and it's coming up very soon...woooohooo.)

~Take care~

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Sullivan McPig said...

Wow, very fun game. I'm so going to guess all wrong, but still giving it a try.
My guess for roday is 3 dollar and 43 cents.

tracy said...

How about....$9.53 ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

didn't notice two cards, thanks for the second chance :)