Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting back on the Blogging track again w/Random Pics

Hi friends. Yay, I'm finally getting back on track again with my blog. The giveaway was fun but was sucking my blogging mind away...mu hahaha. Just teasing. Just glad it's done...BUT Tracy, I still haven't received your home address. Could you please send that to me asap? To ghostgirl6@gmail.com And I'm sorry to do this but if I don't get your email by Friday, I'll have to send it to someone else. :( And again, for people who would like a copy of DMB (Dead Man's Bones), please email me your addy too. Thanks, ok, now on to the pics.

Above is right after (literally outside the place) I got my Bibi tattoo. I couldn't believe I actually did it. But I did and am very happy that I did.

Hershey's has some cool signs up this year for Halloween.

Yup, that's Bibi, wrapped up in a white fluffy ball.

This is Mike's sister's new doggie. His name is Logan. He's a Siberian Husky. He's so so so cute...and he has puppy breath. Awwww.... I'm glad she brought him over for a visit. I think that's my foot he's messing with. But it's o.k., he's still a lil' baby. ;)

At a local Chinese restaurant. I love this Buddha. He's just so cool!

You know where this is from...Queen! Yup, Old Navy. :)

Some of my co-workers at my friend's wedding party. It had to of been one of the coldest days of fall...and it was only early fall (few weeks back). I am pretty sure I got sick from sitting outside for hours. Like I said=FREEZING! But I enjoyed seeing my co-workers who are also my friends and I was happy to support my friend's marriage. But still, yeah, not cool that it was so cold. But unfortunatley, the weather is so unpredictable around here that it was no one's fault that it was so cold.

My friend and her husband's cake...very good stuff!

AND they got a jelly filled Donut Cake. It was pretty awesome!

And when I say AWESOME, I mean soooooo BIG too! Love it!!!

Eve through the looking-glass at the KMFDM/Angelspit concert. Dark walls...gross bathroom...as most are at any venue in Detroit. Ugh. :(

Someone got a lil' bored at the merch table....

...and were still not done. Or could've been someone else. Who knows!?!

TARGET. Up in the air. Would love these signs for my house...but unfortunately they don't give any of their signs away. I asked about the DOMO ones last year. But umm, that doesn't mean I didn't get any, muhahaha. But hey, it's just a sign...and it would just go in the trash, right? I'm bad. Just so you know, I am terrible...I do bad things sometimes. ;)

Enjoy your day friends!~

4 Curious people had this to say...:

tracy said...

As always, love the great pics! i want some of that cake...yum! i sent my addy a few hours ago, hope you got it! Thanks soooo much!

tracy said...

Logan is adorable! (not to out do BiBi!) We alreay have two dogs, bit i want a puppy....what's one more, right??

Sullivan McPig said...

Great pics: love the donut cake! Getting hungry just looking at it...

The Queen of Clearance. said...

that cake is amazing!!! I want one! Awesome pics!