Monday, October 19, 2009

Please send...

...your addresses (if you'd like a copy of Dead Man's Bones) to my address. I only received Cindy's so far. So if you'd like a copy, please send it as soon as you can. Also (very important), TRACY, I NEED your address so I can send you your package. Unfortunately, :( I sealed up the box a couple days before the giveaway ended, so you won't get a copy of Dead Man's Bones (but I can still send it to you separetly, just let me know). Note to Queen: I sent your package today. You may wonder why I'm so speedy with's simply because it is really close to my house. So I got priority on yours (as with Tracy's once I get your addy) so you should be getting it soon. :)

OK, that's all. Just a lil' update. And again, if you'd like a copy of DMB (not Dave Matthews Band, haha...Dead Man's Bones!), let me know asap. Take care~

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The Queen of Clearance. said...

yay! I love winning your giveaways because they always come fast. I won one a week before yours and I havent gotten it yet...not that Im complaining...because Im horrible at sending out things as well. I just like when it comes fast likes yours!