Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting nervous and some not-so-good news

In Memory of Lenore
I really love this picture,
very peaceful.

Well, this is the first time I've really thought about the DAMNED art show (intensely that is) and how it's making me a bit nervous. I looked at the pictures from last year's show, which can be found HERE.

  • And last year's show wasn't half as big as this year's show...meaning more artists...and 2 nights of the show, not just one like last year. And the place was packed. Which is good of course, but bad for me a bit because I don't like being elbow-to-elbow with someone. That makes me feel a bit panic-y. The VIP part (2 hours before the show opens to the public) should be cool and maybe there'll be a lot of people...maybe not, since it's $25 in advance & $33 at the door.

  • The VIP part is basically ALL the artists (that can attend) and the people (general public, artsy people, etc...) who want a first look at the art (before EVERYONE comes in) and maybe can talk to the artists. I'm guessing maybe you stand near by your art...and guessing again that my 2 pieces will be near one another.

  • The show is also very very late. The VIP part starts at 7 pm-9 pm...and then the show goes on until 2 am. As far as I know (and I'm hoping cuz he can get a lil' weird on me) that Mike is still going to be my date for night 1 because I don't want to do the meet-n-greet (VIP thing) alone. But I doubt I'll be staying til 2 am. And that's fine. Mike has to work the next day and being there 5 hours or so might just make me tired. Jeez, I sound like a true artist, huh? I'll be too tired...whine whine whine. Kidding, but it will be a long night.

  • The next night is the BIG NIGHT of DAMNED...meaning the Masquerade Ball and it's actually Devil's Night (the day before Halloween). So I would assume that more people might come to the show that night. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

  • So...back to panic mode. I do feel a bit nervous now. I mean that's a lot of people looking at my art and yeah, a lot of artists looking at my art as well. Not that I don't think I'm any less of an artist...but being self-taught and having ZERO experience besides art history classes makes me feel...not so professional I suppose. I did have a group art show...ugh, 10 years ago...long time! And it was cool but not downtown and definitely not with this much exposure. It was kinda my show but my friends (and friends of my friend) did it too...I just had the most stuff on the wall.

  • And it was kinda funny because a woman I talked to via snail mail (yes, we were kinda penpals) walked into the gallery and then almost instantly said "I want that one." And I sold it. It was actually a mixed media piece. A BIG eye with cut up credit cards in the middle. That was one of the happiest moments of my life thus far.

  • And now, DAMNED is making me really happy...no matter if I sell anything because that's not really the point of it all. But again, I get really nervous and panic-y...so I just gotta calm down a bit and just realize I'm showing two pieces that are a big part of my "style" and be cool with that. Maybe the Absinthe tasting during the meet-n-greet part will help me relax. ;)

  • So once again, I must apologize for not commenting much on your blogs. :( I'm bad, I know. I took on a massive project today: ORGANIZING my art room completely. And labeling everything. I started it today but no way will it be done asap...maybe by late tomorrow if I go at it all day. And I want to buy a bookshelf because I really do need to see some of my materials/etc... instead of just putting 'em in a storage container. I'm getting there...it's just a process. Wish me luck!

  • AND I'm having work issues. Nothing too serious, I'm hoping. Can't really talk about it here as some of my co-workers take a peek at my blog every now and then. Just a bit of a stressful thing...but working on my art room is helping me deal with things.

  • AND ONE MORE AND! Sadly, my boyfriend's grandmother passed away tonight. He got a call that it was URGENT to get to the hospital to see her (her cancer made its way to her liver) and then his brother called and said she was doing OK and possibly being moved to another room.

  • So we got in the car, almost got into the hospital parking lot and Mike's mom called him and said she just passed. I felt terrible. But things like that are out of control, I realize that but still...it's sucky. And Mike loved his grandmother...as did his whole family. She was a great lady and I loved her like my own grandmother. I was never close with mine (barely knew my father's mother so there wasn't much there)...this was my mother's mother. So I always felt like she was my real grandmother too (again, been with Mike for almost 10 years now). And although Mike and I are not married, they do treat me like one of the family (and always have) so it wasn't weird or anything. I mean I loved her very much too. Very sad...but she didn't suffer much so that is the important part.

  • So yeah, it was hard and everyone was sad but staying at the hospital for a while with the whole family (cousins, aunts, uncles, grandchildren, great grandchildren) was a good thing. She was really specific about what she wanted after she passed away. And Mike always knew this about her and actually Mike and I feel very similar when our time comes. She didn't want a ceremony. She didn't want people to look at her after she passed away. She just didn't like that. And I can understand that...as seeing both my grandparents at their funerals was kinda scary because they did not look like themselves at all. My mother was not happy with that either.

  • So anyways, Mike's grandmother (her name is Lenore, which is a name I've always loved), will be cremated and put in an urn and their will be a celebration (not a funeral technically) at one of Mike's aunt's house this Friday. I think that's an awesome idea. It reminds me of Day of the Dead...to celebrate the life of someone, rather than mourn. There was a lot of mourning today and I'm sure people (including myself) will be sad Friday but it's to remember what made Grandma so great.

  • Everyone was asked to bring pictures...anything that reminded them of Grandma. Mike actually doesn't have pictures (she hated photos too...just like me!). So maybe (maybe!) I will try making something in celebration Grandma Lenore & how awesome she was...and of the love Grandma gave everyone too. If it's not right (to me) I won't bring it...but I am going to think about it. I figure it's the least I could do.

  • Woweeee, this much longer than expected...it's getting late! Well, thanks for reading and I hope you are all doing good. Enjoy the rest of your week (if by chance I don't make a post) and take care.~

12 Curious people had this to say...:

tracy said...

So sorry about Grandma Lenore...and the picture you posted in her memory is just lovely.

Not long now 'til the show...i am soooo excited for you...i would love to be there, the art, the ambiance, the outfits, the YOU!

tracy said...

Try not to be nervous, you'll be "Wonder"ful! And congrats on the sale! Yay!!

All Hallows Eve said...

Thanks so much for all your kind words Tracy. ^_^ BTW: Your package was sent out today...be expecting it soon. It's a small box, but trust me when I say I really packed it. The lady at the PO said "Next time don't change the size of the box." Haha...cuz it was bulging out a bit. ;)

Sullivan McPig said...

Sorry to hear about grandmother Lenore. I hope you get to remember her the way you want. Will be thinking of you, I still miss my grandmother a lot and it's been more then 13 years since she died.

Anonymous said...

sorry about grandma Lenore, i think it would be great for yu to make something that comes from your nice memories of her. hope you and your bf are doing fine :)

tracy said...

i'll let you know as soon as it gets here....tooo exciting. This is the nicest thing that has happened to me in a looooooong time! :-)

Mejis said...

I'm sorry for your loss.
I'd be nervous about the show too but you'll be fine. Just relax and enjoy it. I mean how cool is it that you get to go and have your art displayed, right?

Cindy said...

so sorry to hear about grandma! :( it's really lovely that you will be celebrating her life, rather than mourning for her. that is exactly what i want for myself when i go. :)

don't be nervous about your show! some of the best artists have been the ones with zero training! don't feel you have to justify yourself to these people who may show up at the gallery...just be honest! :)

The Queen of Clearance. said...

Im am very sorry to hear about mikes grandma. That makes me so sad for you and him. I hope everything goes great at Damned! Sorry I have been mia but midterms were kicking my butt!

All Hallows Eve said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words regarding Mike's grandmother. *GROUP HUG* ;)

I did make her something last night. I will be posting that soon.

Take care & thanks again for reading this (extra) long post!

Demented Wench said...

I'm sorry to hear about Mike's Grandmother passing away.

And you got into the art show so you must be pretty Damned good. ;)

All Hallows Eve said...

Thanks Demented Wench!

LOL, you are too funny. Maybe I am pretty Damned good. :P