Friday, October 23, 2009

Nicest dressing room EVER, Domo at 7-11, & Concert Merch

At Torrid, they had the nicest (and biggest) dressing rooms I've ever seen. They are even so nice that they put YOUR name on the dressing room door. Cool!

So it's HUGE in there. MASSIVE! I love it because I love having space for my purse, possibly mall bags, coat, my clothes, and the clothes I'm trying on. They had this awesome & very comfy place to sit...I could sit there all day...pictured below...

Nice, hm? I guess I'm easily amused and impressed. But I kid you not, that this room was great. ;)

See where you hang up your clothes that you want to try on? I want one of those for my house. Maybe to set out clothes I plan to wear the next day or something. TORRID gets the Eve stamp of approval for "Best Dressing Rooms." ^_^

Next, DOMO at 7-11. Domo being at 7-11 convienence store just makes it fun going there. Well, more fun because it's always fun getting a SLURPEE. ;)

DOMO had his own Slurpee flavor, but I tasted it and YUCK, no so good. I'll stick with Coke or Pina Colada. Yummmm!

The pumpkin spice latte is...awesome! I mean really really good. And so much cheaper than a coffeeshop (cough, Starbucks, cough). Well, look at it this way it was only 1.29 + tax for a 16 ounce at 7-11. That is amazing!

Now on to the KMFDM & Angelspit concert. The pic above is of Sascha of KMFDM. He was hanging out at the merch booth for quite a while when we first got there. He had his sunglasses on when I was speaking to him. And I wasn't paying too much attention (looking at all the cool Angelspit stuff) when he took off his glasses I said "OH, Sascha!" LOL. I really didn't recognize him. About 6 years ago Mike and me were lucky and got to meet all the members of the time of KMFDM. Sascha (as was all) was a really nice guy. And I told him how much I loved their version of BOOTS.
Oh, haha...just remembering. At the merch booth I got a little sassy (my typical self) and said "Where's Skold?" (He's my main music man/crush!) I said I NEVER get to see him live and that it makes me sad. :( He said go to LA. Yeah, right...not going to happen anytime soon. I said tell Skold to come to Detroit...he has lots of fans here. Yes I actually said that cuz I LOVE Skold so much...and the Skold Vs. KMFDM album (came out this year) was great! He was very amused by this. That was kinda funny. :P
OK, below some of the COOLEST merch Angelspit was selling. I know I showed you most of these in my Angelspit post but these are a bit better...showing a better angle/both sides of things. OK, enjoy 'em.

I wanted the necklace above...but I already spent all my money on the First Aid Pack and the eyeshadow (Black Alice). Oh well, I can always order from her site in the future. Mike has picked up some sweet stuff from her shop before.

As you can see, there were lots of pretty shades of eye makeup. With even cooler names...but of course I had to get the Alice one...and cuz I love Black!
Below are a couple cellphone shots of Angelspit live.

So that wraps up a bunch of cellphone pics. Oh, and we did buy our computer last week finally (or the week before)...Tom's just putting it together now. He says it'll be done "soon," so we'll see.
I hope you all enjoy your day & weekend too. Don't forget to do something fun!~

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Anonymous said...

yeah i like going into the torrid dressing rooms too LOL can you send me the angelspit merchandise website? great pics as always by the way :) have a good weekend. oh and YAY for getting your comp finally!

Mejis said...

That is a big dressing room. Usually you don't have enough room to turn around in.
I love that make-up!

Sullivan McPig said...

Yay for Domo pics!!! Easter Domo is dancing around the room with joy!

tracy said...

Dear Eve,
i got it! it's the most Wonder-ful package ever!!! i love it!!! i could not wish for anything else! Thank you, thank you sooooo very much! What a lovely gift of Halloween joy! i am still so excited i don't know quite what to say! i would have written sooner, but dear son was on the computer for soooo long! i took pictures to send, but all i had was this dumb camera, so we will see what happens.
Thanks soooo much once again!!!!!!
Lots of love and thanks,

All Hallows Eve said...

Glad you liked it so much Tracy, yay!!! Yeah, if you want to send pics, that'd be great. To my addy

Take care & if I don't talk to you sooner, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, but I have a feeling I will! ;)