Thursday, October 8, 2009

More of the endless supply of Cellphone Pics

I am doing so many 'random cell pics' because Tom (roomie) promised me we'd be getting our computer on Saturday. Well, he said he wouldn't get it up & running asap but that we'd atleast get it. But still, I wanted to get "rid" of these because I had so many in my phone that it was time for 'em to get uploaded. So there will be atleast 2 or 3 more posts to come soon. As for the picture above, I'd really like to know who's responsible for killing society, aren't you?

This spider lives in my rear view window. I swear I've had spider live there for years (atleast 10 years or so)...during the summer months. I'd like to think it's the same spider but I doubt that!

Taking a pic of him from inside my car...but facing the car. Sound confusing? Yeah, it was confusing to take this kinda pic. I couldn't really see what I was doing.

Waiting at the Meijer deli is sooooo depressing. There's not even a lot of people there but I probably waited 20 minutes for my number to be called. Ugh, I need to start bringing reading material when I go over there.

Bibi thinking she's going to get some of my dinner. That cute doesn't fool me! :) This is my wallpaper on my phone right now. :)

The boys playing Beatles RockBand (PS3). I couldn't finish the game. Well, not when Mike wanted to. He's a weirdo and said "We need to play NOW or we won't get the trophy." It's a virtual trophy I'm thinking. And I just sang 15 songs. I needed a break but he gets a little hardcore. So Tom picked up the drums (I sang...and I never play the instruments cuz I suck) and they finished the game...and got the trophy. I would definitely rent this again. Lots of fun!

So I own a few Beatles records...yes vinyl. Most are very old...HELP is the only one I bought brand new. I used to have this thing for 'em (so did my best friend in high school)...and we watched all their films and just couldn't get enough of 'em. So my memory was pretty good when it came to singing a lot of the songs. Oh, I put the vinyl out for 2 reasons: One to give us good luck...Two to add some Beatles love. Awwww. :)

At the Main Art Theatre when Labyrinth was playing at Midnight. This area used to have a payphone but all it is now is a small little place surrounded by mirrors. Hmm...interesting.

My friends (Adam, to the left, Brian, far right) outside the show. We got there early and there was lots of people inside, not to mention it being warm. So we stepped outside before showtime.

I really do have some artistic friends. A friend of mine designed all the posters for the Midnight Movies this year. And he's a pretty awesome artist. Always has been since I first met him in junior it's no surprise art/graphic design is something he is going into. So I asked him for this poster on the door and he said I could order one at the front desk.
I also really REALLY liked his Spirited Away poster, so I ordered that one too. They were only $2 each, not bad. And I bought frames for 'em because I don't want to put holes through 'em to hang up...they are just too nice for that. I might go see The Lost Boys at Midnight next week and might get the Midnight Movie poster for that one too. It's really cool. They are all cool but I must limit myself!

Outside the Main Art Theatre. I own this poster. It's on one of our walls in the house. Love this image much detail, love it!!!

Some Gloomy Bear merch is at Hot Topic. Not sure if they're getting in more. They have a couple necklaces (like the one pictured above), earrings, and bracelets. I HAD to get the necklace's awesome. And I'm showing my Gloomy love. Cuz I just love him to death!

Thought this was a HK Halloween shirt. But no. Think about it. Yeah, Michael Jackson has even taken over Hello Kitty. I'm not cool with that. :( But the shirt is cool...just not why the shirt exists to begin with. I feel bad about his death but the merch is just out of control here in the US. It's nuts!!!

Weird things to add to your smoothie drink if you ask me. Like Bee Pollen, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, or Stripper...which I have no clue what those last 2 things are. Odd. Hm.

The COOLEST Hello Kitty Halloween Stickers I've seen yet. Love 'em love 'em love 'em!!!

Bibi likes Lil' Lambi and Lil' Lambi like people or animals too so it works out. Again, Bibi never looks too thrilled when I take pics of her relaxing.
Enjoy your day friends and chat with you soon.~

6 Curious people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

please please take apic of your spirited away poster!! i am extremely curious, i like that movie.

Cindy said...

spirited away poster? i am intrigued! :) it is one of my favs!

love the pics of your little doggie...that spider scares me senseless though!

Irish Chick Soup said...

That poster is pretty sweet. I wish they did a midnight movie around here. I love The Labyrinth. I should rewatch it sometime soon

Sullivan McPig said...

The labyrinth poster is cool! and love the Bibi pics, she's so cute!

The Queen of Clearance. said...

ok...the hello kitty stickers the left of the stickers are two cupcake looking things....what are they? Where can I buy them?

EVE said...

Queen- They are lipbalm. Hm, I think I got them for the Dollar Tree actually. But it was a while back. :( Sorry.

All- I will post Spirited Away as soon as I put it in its frame.