Thursday, October 8, 2009

Think I'm going to take a break from Cell Pics after this

I went to Halloween USA last week to browse and also to look at Masquerade masks (just in case I got into DAMNED). And I really liked this one and may go back for it sometime soon.

Upstairs at my work. I swear this man/woman didn't have a boob before but looks like it does. Maybe someone stole them for whatever odd reason. Hm...

Breakfast is usually never offered around here past 10:30-11:00 am but yay, it's available ANYTIME at one of my fave restaurants, National Coney Island. Woooohooo!

This is my art room. This is what happens when I'm looking for one of my CD's (recordable ones). And yeah, they are still on the floor. :P

This branch reminded me of my blogging friend COCO. It's just a branch in a corner. Wonder who placed it there?

And it was a bit dark that night so there's my shadow.

People write the strangest things in the restroom.

Lots of trains come and go through Royal Oak throughout the day.

Probably the BIGGEST clock I've ever seen just for your house. BIG BIG BIG...from Target.
And guess where I'm at below? Yes those are porto a (?) potties, oddest name ever. And they're at....The Renaissance Festival. I told you guys I wouldn't take any pics but I did. But only a few. Here they are below.

It was really dark that day and my cellphone doesn't have a flash so unfortunately this pic isn't the clearest. This guy (who works there) has a rubber ducky hat. It's pretty cool. Click to enlarge it and it looks a lil' bit better.

My friend eating a pickle. I said I don't believe you can eat that massive thing. But she did and fast and she even wanted another. And CINDY, you should come to Michigan's Ren Fest...the pickles are cheaper. A bill for a dill!!! Yup, only ONE DOLLAR. The economy didn't affect those pickles, ha ha. ;)

Jousting. This was our knight. But he lost. I thought he was the coolest one though. Darn him!

The parade that goes on ON & OFF throughout the day at the fest.

Some of the pottery made by the artist I really like. You can see the one I purchased to the right (high up).

He also makes PIGS. Yup, there was LOTS of 'em. This one is one of the smaller ones. Cool but he looks a bit angry, do you think?

And this is a really BIG PIG. And I touched him (and his snout too). And he's nice & smooth...even his nose! :)

Kinda weird baby pictures with sayings on them at the health department I go to.

5 Curious people had this to say...:

Irish Chick Soup said...

Those last two pictures are... odd.

The Ren fair looks like fun, and I could totally take on that pickle. I love pickles so much, I'll sit there and eat those big dill ones for a meal.

Sullivan McPig said...

Yay, more random pics! Very cool piggy and i told you our noses are soft!

Anonymous said...

jousting, is it fun to watch?! i thought that branch was a giant halloween tarantula LOL.

The Queen of Clearance. said...

when you say "break" from random cell phone pics you a week break right? Because I looove them :) I love the "I dont love you anymore" It makes me wonder what hurt the person must have been feeling when they wrote that on the bathroom wall.

EVE said...

Yes Sullivan I remember! :)

Jousting is OK to watch. Maybe if it was more was really bad this year. What I mean by that is the guy would get hit and then there'd be like a 5 second delay...then he'd fall. The crowd was like WTH? But it was actually kinda funny because it was so cheesy. ;)