Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally, the winner + a special treat for everyone!!!

BIG CONGRATS to her. Everyone please give her a round of applause. As this is also her first win on my blog for anything. :)
  • And just so EVERYONE knows, all your answers were great. It was so hard to just pick one. This was definitely the hardest giveaway yet...meaning the last part-your memories of Halloween, why you love Halloween, and why you liked this giveaway & my blog. I really hate picking just one person...everyone's answer was great and it's so difficult to say "YOURS IS THE BEST." Because it's not like that. All are special in their own way. It's just that maybe one stands out and you're like "Wow, that's really thoughtful and sweet." Know what I mean?
  • OH and I left Tracy's comment up (in the post below) so you can all see her great answer aka: memory of Halloween. Hope you don't mind Tracy. BUT because I love Halloween and everyone still wins something, this is something else I'm going to do. Just so you know Queen, your answer was just as great and I'm glad you shared your special story with me...and maybe my other followers would like to hear it (as it's a sweet story)...and of course I did what you said and deleted it. :( Fred wants to be talked about...I just know it! ^_^
  • OK, so this is what's going to happen. Since I was very torn between Tracy & Queen's great memories of Halloween, I'm sending something to the Queen of Clearance-yes, Queen you are bound to always be the runner-up here, lol, (& I shall not reveal what's coming your way Queen, so anticipation, oh yessss!). AND since you all deserve something for putting your time, effort, and everything else into this LONG giveaway, if you'd like I would gladly send you a copy of Dead Man's Bones debut it is so awesome & so perfect to listen to around Halloween time. NOTE: This applies to everyone who particpated in the giveaway-meaning the peeps who did not get a post/part correct as well. :)
  • So if you'd send me your home addy to my address, I will gladly send you a copy. As I think the WORLD should love & embrace this beautiful and creepy album! So I really hope you'll enjoy it. ;)
  • As for you Tracy, I need you to send me your home addy to my email too. (Queen I still have yours, just let me know if you want a copy of Dead Man's Bones.) Oh and Tracy, I had one more post planned (just in case) so you'll be getting a few extra treats in your box. :) OK, everyone happy!??! I'm happy because this was a lot of fun.
  • Enjoy your day (as well as week) everyone and thanks so much for participating in my Halloween giveaway. Hope you had as much fun playing it as I did making it (along the way too!). Take care friends~

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tracy said...

i can't believe it!! Thank you soooooo very much...i don't know what to say! i am soooo happy and excited, you have no idea how much i needed something good to happen, especially lately!
Thank you again and thank you to everyone!
Much love,

Anonymous said...



The Queen of Clearance. said...

man! Im always runner up! I even told you my secret story :) lol. oh well, being runner up last time gave me some awesome things, So im ok with runner up again! and of course I want the cd! you have me addict to the song that was playing on your blog and then you kicked it to play this new song and now I am left wanting to hear that song! lol. I like this one too though!

Sullivan McPig said...

congrats Tracy and queen!

tracy said...

Awwwww, thanks you guys, er, gals. i was truly shocked!

Cindy said...

this was so much fun! :)

i would love a copy of the album!

All Hallows Eve said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Cindy. I got your addy, thanks so much!