Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy 1 Year Blogoversary to ME!

  • Hi ya. Today marks my 1 year Blogoversary. Woweeee, only a year?...has felt like more for some reason. And not that THAT is a bad thing. ;) Don't you love the cake pic I found above...ooooo, I definitely would love to have a cake like that around...even just to stare at because it's so awesome! ^_^

  • Anyways, I haven't been around much to blog (have you noticed?)...cuz things have been a little hectic. I'm hoping I can write more (because of course I want to!) once I'm on a lil' break from work at the end of the month. I've missed my bloggy friends, though I'm happy some of you are on FaceBook. That is SO great!

  • Well, just wanted to say HI and BIG THANKS for following my blog, commenting on the things I show you through my Looking-Glass, and for just being there. You are some great friends & followers. Hope we can stay in touch for a while through here. And jeez, blogging has definitely helped me in so many ways. Can't think of NOT having my blog at this point! Big HUGS to you all on this special day. Take care~

4 Curious people had this to say...:

tracy said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Eve! Miss you, love you!
The cake is brilliant...did you make it yourself? ;)

Thanks for the greeting on Face!

Sullivan McPig said...

Happy blogoversary!!!
I missed your posts, but can understand why you are taking it easy!

Anonymous said...

a very merry blogoversary to you!!
wow,a year. i too miss your posts.

EVE said...

Thank you ladies. Much appreciated. Yes, I'd like to post more but things are a bit hectic. And there's so much I know I can BLOG about. One, I got some Alice (Burton) merch-yay! And two, I have a bazillion cell phone pics. I need to upload those before I have over 200!

Take care~Eve, XoX!