Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Post Here I gooooooo!

Hi friends.

I wasn't sure how to do this first post of my NEW kinda blog (well, primarily my art blog now). And since I can't upload pics at the moment, I figured I'd write a bit about what's been going on with me for the past several months in this fabulous Detroit art scene (as well as some of my past art experiences). ;) A lot of you know this already if you've been following my blog but I figured I'd write about it to get the ball rollin'.

So I found out both of the pieces I submitted to DAMNED II got into the show in early October, the show being at the end of that month. Wow, it was really exciting. I remember thinking at the time that I hadn't felt that happy in a long long while. Basically because I had been making art on/off for about 10 years...without submitting anything.

I had kinda my own show in 1999. I say "kinda" because there were 4 or 5 other artists in the show also but I had the most pieces and well I was kinda the "headliner" (name at the top of the flier) in a way. And I helped do the promotion, etc... So yeah see what I mean by kinda my show?

It was a lot of fun. That was my first exhibit...ever...and again, great feeling to be out there showing my art...and the icing on the cake was I also sold my first piece at that show. What an awesome feeling! Only comparable to when I sold my most recent piece at Wonderland.

The benefit of both the times I sold a piece was that I actually chatted with the women who were interested in my art so that was really cool. And what cool people! Now I can't imagine selling something without having any contact with the person interested in my art. Seems odd.

So after that show in 1999, I made art on/off and tried to get involved in an art group in Detroit called the Girlie Collective. I went to one meeting and two of their art shows. It was cool and fun but it seemed like they only wanted WOMEN/FEMINIST art....and at that time the art I was making wasn't so....women directed. I painted a lot of faces...abstract of course...and occasionally using the glue gun for mixed media stuff. I don't know whatever happened to that group....seemed to disappear before too long.

So I really wasn't too concerned about getting into any shows for quite a while after that. Once in a while I thought about going back to the place where I had my first exhibit but I had issues with the owner so that soon became out of the question. And basically this is where I say not a whole lot happened after that....I was making art but not often and not really developing a style...atleast not a style I could possibly call my own. And I think at this point in my "art life" I have found my style.

So let's go back to recent, Wonderland was the next show I had my work up in. This was a HUGE honor for me as many of you know I LOVE Alice In Wonderland (hence my blog's name of course). There weren't too many artists involved so I felt even more cool to be a part of it. AND I had 4 pieces there...well technically only 3 were up but that's a weird story. One more "and," AND my good friend, Mariandra X, was in this show with me again. (She was a part of DAMNED and I met her during the first night of it.)

We were soon becoming the dynamic duo...haha because....

...we were both a part of the 3rd and most recent show I've been in since my hiatus, which was the Bad Channels: A Cult Film Inspired Art Show. That was fun. I made a door (although small) that opened (was an interactive piece) called "Cellar Door," inspired by the film Donnie Darko.

So yeah, Mariandra and I have been partners in crime for a little bit. It has been very cool, because it's great to have all these new (& wonderful!) experiences with someone else. And we get along so good it's ridiculous! I'm so grateful to have met her....she's really cool and a very awesome artist as well. (Oh, and she also has a little cute white doggie just like me, haha!)

Well, if I wasn't in another art show for a year, I'd be happy with the awesome experiences I've had....but heck YES I'd like to be in another of course. I'm sure any artist would admit to that. But one day at a time. And it's good to have a little break because those 3 shows were pretty back to back. I made A LOT of art since October ahhh, a little here and there is fine but wow, I felt like a machine for a bit. (Especially with the Wonderland show...I think I had a total of 5 or 6 pieces when I was done...with 3 being in the show...I worked my butt off during that time, whew!)

So there's a possibility of something happening but I don't want to talk about it here to jinx anything....but I will say IF it does happen and I AM a part of it, it will be the BIGGEST thing (art speaking) that I have done yet. So I really don't want to talk about it until I find out more don't ask friends, cuz yeah...I'm super paranoid.

Well, I doubt I'll be posting THIS much at a time every time...but I hope this gave you a little bit of my pre-EVE days. Because yeah, my name was not Eve while I was making art then. Eve Noir has only existed for a year or two...and you know what they say, "change your name, change your life!" Something like that, right? :)

No but seriously I do feel like I've changed a bit and learned a lot within the past several months. And as cheesy as it sounds, I'm seeing a little bit of the light at the end of the tunnel. Realizing that even if I don't do this as a career, it's just really fun to be a part of these well as meeting many cool people along the way. :)

Take care friends and be chatting with you later.

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