Monday, January 25, 2010

Seasons, Holidays, and Organizing

(love the pic above...
can't say it's mine though!)'s freezing in Detroit. Hate that. Makes me want to sleep and lounge around all day. It rained a bit over the past couple days...with a lot of the snow going away but now it's getting really REALLY cold again. Ergh, such is life in Michigan!

Something I wanted to share is my inspiration from the seasons and holidays when thinking about my art. I don't know if this is mainly a feeling for mixed media artists or what, but when I start seeing the merchandise out for ex. Valentine's Day (coming up in mid February), I get thinking about what to it with stuff I see in the stores or by simply painting. (OK, that was the longest sentence EVER, sorry!)

Lately, I've made several Valentine's Day (or anti-V Day) pieces. One was a Munny vinyl toy that I named "Tainted Love." (Again, I don't have a way to upload new pics so you'll just have to imagine what they look like.) He's purple, blue, and white with silver glitter and hearts glued on to him.

Another was a painting in a frame that I pretty much destroyed...well, I painted it metallic purple and put up candy hearts on it with my glue gun. They were the slightly larger kind of I put my own spin on the "Cutie Pie" sayings with sayings like "Die!" and "Hate U" I have nothing against Valentine's Day really (or any holiday in general)'s just fun for me to not make it all lovey dovey. :P

Recently, I bought another 3 drawer storage container (this being my 3rd one) to put ONLY my season/holiday stuff in. One drawer for Winter, one for Fall, and the last for both Spring & Summer. I figured I'd atleast TRY to organize things when (for example) I need Xmas-y stuff or fake leaves (for autumn or spring). My other storage containers probably need to get organized too....atleast for me to put LABELS on them like how I did with the season/holiday ones.

Basically my whole art room needs some hardcore organizing...but it's going to be a good amount of work...and like I said at the top, it's COLD...and yeah, I've felt pretty lazy lately. It will get done...maybe I'll say DEFINITELY a thing to do for SPRING CLEANING so it feels like a goal. Woo hoooo! ;)

OK, so back to the holidays. Easter stuff is already out. Wait take that back, St. Patty's stuff is already out! Jeez, it's crazy. I need to work on one holiday at a time (darn you Michaels & other craft stores!!!). Can't start seeing all this stuff or my mind will be all over the place. So yeah, still working on some Valentine's Day stuff.

Hopefully we'll be getting what we need to upload pics soon, because I would like to be able to put my new art in my ArtFire studio. Yup, it's called a studio but it's basically where my art is sold at. Like ETSY but a little different...hope I do some selling there. Right now I only have two things in my shop/ is a custom Munny (Evanthe is her name) and an Alice In Wonderland mixed media piece. But I definitely have more to put in there, it's just a matter of time.

Alright, it's getting late and I blabbed enough for now. Hope you're all doing well and be chatting with you soon.

*Oh and I also made a set-10 cards-of ATCs (artist trading cards) if any other artist would like to swap with me. Beanie McMouse and I will be doing a trade so I'm very excited about that. I'll have to chat more about the ATCs later...they are really fun to hopefully by the next time I blog, I'll be able to show you pics of a few.

Ciao friends!~

3 Curious people had this to say...:

Sullivan McPig said...

I'd love to see some creepy Easter art, as i'm sure it will be creepy or disturbing if you make it.
And I feel like hibernating too.

Anonymous said...

oh the cold weather!! it just makes me want to drink something cold LOL and read a book. organization, i think that if i lived anywhere near you i would be there helping or actually kinda taking over hahaha i don't know if it's sad or ok but i enjoy organizing and putting things/objects together where they belong. :)

Eve said...

Sullivan: Thanks. I don't think I've made creepy Easter art before...but I was visualizing it a bit when I saw some stuff at Michaels. So we'll see!

Roxy: LOL. I drink cold stuff in the winter time...people think I'm crazy but I could drink my iced chai tea lattes in a blizzard! ;)

Thanks, I would definitely have you over if you lived closer. ^_^ I don't think it's weird to like to organize. I used to be so much better at it...but I'm trying to get back on track again. ...Well, atleast with my art space because I forget that I have certain things or they are not where they should be.

JEEZ-It was terrible cuz for a while I was like "I don't even want to bother looking for it so I'll buy another one!" (paint or whatever). Right then I knew I had a serious organization problem.

One day things will be in order. Can u say SPRING CLEANING/Organizing!??!