Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just wanted to say... much I LOVED Burton's Wonderland. This was expected of course. ;) But still...seeing it in 3D was amazing. If you choose not to see this film in 3D, you're really gonna regret me! Saw it twice within 48 hours of its release...want to break my Dark Knight streak, which was a total of 4 times at the theatre. Luckily (at some point) my sisters are letting me take my nephew and two nieces to this. That will be so much fun.

One thing is irritating me about Wonderland though...and it's not the movie itself, it's the crappy reviews it's getting. I hate reviews anyways but still....ergh! Um, hello take Tim Burton + Alice in Wonderland and YEAH, it's gonna be little dark...duhhhh! Why is that a bad thing anyways? This isn't the same Wonderland Disney put out a bazillion years ago. So, You (whomever) review films, right...???...but you didn't even THINK about that?!!? Jeeeeezzzzz, some people! Curiouser & curiouser......

But yeah, if you like Burton...and you like Wonderland's characters, you have a 99.999% of LOVING this film. Forget reviews...they are MAD! Mad I tell you!

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2 Curious people had this to say...:

Demented Wench said...

If critics hate a movie that usually means that it's a good movie.

Rotten Tooth Fairy said...

i agree completely! movie was awesome, and i always watch movies with bad reviews, cause i usually 95% end up loving them :)