Saturday, May 29, 2010

My 600th Post + A Giveaway

Hello there! It's my 600th post & it's time to celebrate it with a GIVEAWAY. So here's how it's gonna go: please answer the following questions that I will list below, then e-mail your answers to me (I don't want people to see 'em here). And in one week (or maybe less) I will announce the lucky person. To participate in this giveaway, all I ask is that you either 1-are a follower of my Blog or 2-you become a follower of my Blog.

The prize is......well, it's a surprise. But there will be plenty of nice goodies and a small piece of my ART as well. That's the only hints you're gonna get right now. ;)

Also, please leave a comment on THIS post if you choose to do the giveaway. I guess that's the other thing I would like to ask you for. That way you all will know how many people are participating. OK, sound good? If you have any questions, either let me know HERE or e-mail me.

So the questions. And they are....

1) Name TWO of my favorite artists OR TWO of my favorite bands/musicians or people.

2) If you could describe MY ART in 3 words, what would those words be?

3) Who is one of YOUR favorite artists...and WHY? (If you don't have a favorite artist...then tell me a favorite author, musician, photographer, etc....and WHY.)

4) If you were stuck on a desert island, name 5 things you would bring. (Not knowing if there's electricity, etc... there. And you can tell me WHY you would bring these things OR not. I'll leave that up to you.)

5) If I were stuck on a desert island, name 3 things you think I would bring.

So this giveaway is a little bit YOU and a little bit ME. I hope you like answering these questions and please e-mail them to me by JUNE 5th. My e-mail address is:

I look forward to seeing your answers!
Enjoy your weekend~

9 Curious people had this to say...:

Took said...

Okay...I LOVE games, I will give this a go even though I only know you through Facebook and your blog. I just emailed you my answers.

Eve Noir said...

Thanks Took!

Anonymous said...

first of all CONGRATS!! on 600 well 601 now lol i am game and sending answers today :)ohhhhh and one more thing ALICE on tuesday but i don't need to remind you ;)

Eve Noir said...

Thank you Roxy!

prabhu said...

I also reached 600 th post I like to use it please I ll copy this alone can i?

The Queen of Clearance said...

doing this now :) Ive got a giveaway up too! If you want to enter that would be fab!

Eve Noir said...

Thanks Queen! I'll take a look at yours. :)

Sullivan McPig said...

I'm late! Congrats and I send you my answers!

Eve Noir said...

Thanks to April for participating too! That makes FIVE people. Took, Roxy, Queen, Sullivan, and April. It's gonna be a tough decision! >.<