Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Been Feeling....

....worried, anxious, blah.
A big part is cuz I'm pretty sure my car is dead.
Just need to sign its death certificate tomorrow.
Has to get towed out of my driveway.
Then goes to the shop.

I always think the worst but my car is super old so yeah, errgh.
I almost want it to be dead so there won't be anymore problems with it.
But I will be car less and...
well, I need a car for the crap I do.
But I do hate driving most the times....
people suck on the roads.
And I drive everyone!
So taking this break feels kinda good.

Plus, I haven't been dealing with this change in weather (now fall)...
and how it is getting so dark so early.
And the time change hasn't even happened...
it's this weekend!
And it just loves to rain lately.
Really? It's fall, not spring.
Stop raining here, thanks!

Other things have been happening too.
Some good, some weird.
Good is...
somehow I found a new direction with my art.
And I'm going to follow it.
I liked it and then I showed people close to me.
And they liked it...so I feel good about that.
Met some new people, that's always good.

Bad is....
when you can't even describe how you're feeling.
Ever have that?
Well, I DO feel like a change is in order.
It would probably make the "unfeeling" go away.
Kinda feels like a lot is changing.
Or about to change.
And I'm not so good with change...
or a lot of things going on at once...
that are out of my control.
I just need to focus on what needs to be done.

It is SO late.
That is another problem.
I have been up super late for the past several nights.
But I feel like I'm getting all my energy at night.
Again, it's the (almost) change in time & weather.
I think.

Sorry this post is WEIRD.
But I'm feeling weird.
So there ya go.

3 Curious people had this to say...:

Demented Wench said...

I hope it stops raining there.

If your car dies can you get a Vespa? :D

Eve Noir said...

It has actually stopped now, woo. It feels really good!

No don't think I could get one of those either. ^_^

Demented Wench said...

You're probably right about the Vespa. I almost turned one into a hood ornament going up over a hill. In my defense, they have a top speed of 30 mph which was below the speed limit on that street.