Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Plenty O'Art Shows in March!

It has been a slow winter for art shows. But now, out of practically nowhere, I have 3 shows in March. 3 shows in one month definitely won't happen for a while so I will enjoy it while it lasts. The picture above is for an all-female art show I got a piece accepted into called Women. The opening reception was last Saturday. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the show. But a friend of mine took a couple pics of my piece so that made me feel good. It was also the first time I displayed an original drawing. The show runs until April at the CAID {Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit}.

The picture above is for the next art show happening. The opening is Saturday March 10th. And yes, that is my art doll being used to promote the show on their Facebook event page. Cool! This show is called Art Audio Angst and this is the 3rd installment of it...but my first time displaying art for it. I will have 3 pieces on display. I'm very happy about it because two I haven't displayed yet...although I made them a couple years back. And well I'm very proud of them so I'm glad they'll get to be seen.

Last but not least is a Science Fiction themed art show called SpaceTimeWarp. I will have 3 pieces on display. And I'm very happy & excited about this show as well. Mainly because 2 of my abstract pieces got selected...and well, my abstract art is my true love and passion. So I can't wait to see those ones on the walls. This show will be at one of my favorite galleries in Detroit, The Funhouse, located in the Russell Industrial Center.

Wish me luck at these shows! Take care~

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Demented Wench said...

Congratulations on getting into three shows. :D

Eve Noir said...

Thanks so much :)